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Having worked with multiple multi-million dollar companies and nonprofits on campaigns, Diamond Digital Media brings a fresh approach to media advertising.  Taking elements of online stores and e-commerce world,  your business needs the freshest and newest approach to get in front of clients. At Diamond Digital, we practice what we preach, as we are also business owners outside the Media advertising space. This gives us insider insight into how it all works from an owner standpoint like what's important to their business but what's important to the customer


“We've just opened our doors and we've already generated 800%+ ROI on the ad spend on our advertising. This is astounding. We we were skeptical at first but Darryl definitely knows what he's talking about - I would highly recommend if you're looking for new age advertising and marketing”


Who We've Worked With

the pleasure is ours that we've had the opportunity to work with these established and well known companies. They've entrusted what we were doing to innovate and try something out of the box. 

Let's Work 


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Working outside of the Box

to stand out, you must be willing to do what others are not

How we work and what we can do for you

It's not coincidence that standard marketing strategies are going to generate standard results. 

This is why we work outside the box and try innovative tactics.

We test our strategies out first hand on our own businesses because if we aren't willing to use our own budget on the strategy, neither should you.

“The Secret impresses no one. The strategy you use it for is everything”

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Boosting posts? Running one ad a time through an agency? Our approach is let's experiment with as much as we can so we can scale the results so you get the best results. We also have chatbot experience if you're looking for next level customer experiences.

Retargeting Advertising

You know those ads that follow you around after you've shown intent. YES, WE DO THOSE. Perhaps the best kept secret in advertising, we can help with that

Google/Microsft Advertising

Getting in front of customers who know what they're looking for is the best way to being found on a search engine. We're certified and ready to help you get in front of customers. Have a non profit Google Ad Grant? We can help with that too!

Dimensions Art Gallery is the one of the newest and popular experience in Vancouver bringing Immersive and interactive art. We helped them generate steam through our digital marketing strategy to come out of the gate running.


Digital Media 

Augmented Reality App Creation

Yes - this is the next big thing. Have an awesome idea that you want to bring some 3D life into an app? We can help!

The Michael Cuccione foundation was looking for a fresh approach to generating exposure and donations towards their non-profit cause. Through social media ads and google advertising, they've generate thousands in donations and exposure to a new audience that didn't know about them before. Along with Social Media, the foundation was awarded a Google Ad Grant which is provided to non profits in order to generate more exposure on Google ads

With well over 20 establishments, Joseph Richards Group was looking to gain exposure for their new Ghost Kitchens in an innovative way. Through Ad campaigns, they were able to generate 1200 leads in a short time expand to their restaurants on convenient apps like Skip the Dishes. With extended marketing, they were also able to increase their social media presence following and ensure capacity was reached for special events with reservations.

As an established and highly recommended interior designer in Vancouver, Form Collective was looking for more ways to generate exposure for their creative designs. By highlighting their beautiful work, we were able to grow their exposure, leads and the customers through social ads, retargeting and google ads.